Thursday, April 14, 2011

I've been a mom for just over 3 weeks now and I can barely remember life not as a mom...okay not really true. There are things from that previous life I do remember. I remember I used to sleep for 7 or 8 hours straight, I used to be able to run several errands at once, jumping in and out of my truck for a quick stop here and a quick stop there. I used to accomplish several tasks around the house in an hour, let alone what I used to be able to do if I had a whole day at home! I used to drink coffee with caffeine in it and I used to get dressed and put on my "face" without stopping a hundred times to cuddle....but I also remember that before I became a mommy, I had to get up and go to work 5 days a week, I used to have to answer the phone and cook for myself. I had no excuse for a messy home, I had smaller boobs and no beautiful baby boy. I guess the trade off is fair.
Though it feels like I've gotten nothing done this week, somehow it has felt busy!!

On Day 19 I took Ryder out to the farm to meet Dirt Face. My friend Christina and her dog Dora joined, Ryder, Scout and I out there for the visit. Unfortunatly it was crazy windy down by the barn, so I didn't even take Ryder out of the carrier I had him in, but Dirt got to see him. That day we also took Ryder to an after hours clinic to have them check out his belly button which was mildly is almost all better now.

Day 21, Ryder officially outgrew his first "newborn" sleeper. I knew it was "official" because I tried to stuff him in it just to make was my favorite one, but now it is done!

Day 22, I took Ryder to a "Baby Wearing class" and it changed our lives!! We learned how to use every kind of baby carrier out there, including the ones I already had. The instructor spoke so passionately about baby wearing, explaining how she often carries more than one child at once (one on her back and one on her front) all day long, that I became a convert! I purchased a "mai tai" style carrier called the "Baby Hawk" and vowed to leave the car seat in the car!!

I also pumped my first bottle of breast milk this day. I have a double electric pump, though I only pumped one breast. Our plan is to start giving Ryder one bottle a day, so that he gets used to it and so that Marty can have a turn feeding him too and that maybe one day soon, I'll be able to leave them both long enough to get a hair cut!!

Day 23: Marty and Ryder had a little snuggle...they are soo adorable!
I also proudly "wore my baby" all day! The freedom was incredible, I even got to take Scout off leash as I wasn't confined to a paved stroller path! The experts even say you should be able to nurse in the sling, hands free while you carry on about your business...I did it! Well the first time, was in the carrier, while I was sitting in the doc's office. We had taken Ryder there to have them check up on his's all good. The next time, I got a little braver and nursed him while walking around the house, just to see if I could...I definatly need a little more practie before doing that at home...but I did it!

Day 24: I took Ryder in his carrier to the registrar's office to get his birth certificate ordered. I also decided to hit the grocery store. With Ryder in the Baby Hawk we shopped quickly and efficiently filling the cart, even the space where the car seat normally would have to sit with produce! Just as I was heading for the till to pay, Ryder woke up and apparently he was HUNGRY!! He began wailing and though I had seen a "washroom" sign while i was shopping with all the crying in my ear, I couldn't remember where it was. I calmly sat down in the next best place, the "blood pressure" checking area in the pharmacy section. There were chairs there so I made myself comfortable, kept Ryder in the carrier and fed the little guy. It was after noon by now and I was getting hungry myself, so I pulled the cart closer, grabbed a box of cereal and helped myself.
Later that evening, we dressed Ryder up in his preppy outfit ( a hand me down from Max), that is still too big, but adorable and headed to my school. They were putting on a performance and Marty, Ryder and I were going to be a part of the audience. I was anxious the whole time that Ryder would wake up and want to eat, but lucky for all of us he slept through the entire show. I did not want to nurse at school...awkward! The students and teachers alike were soo excited to see him and I was proud to show him off!!

Tomorrow, Aim and Max fly in from Colorado. I cannot wait to spend time with them but I'd really like to get my floor swept before they get here....that is the only thing I have to do's hoping I can make that happen...

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