Thursday, April 7, 2011


It has only been 18 days since Ryder's birth, but already I feel like so much has happened that I am gonna forget it all...I dont' want to. There have been soo many firsts for both he and I and Marty that I feel like if I don't write them down, I'll never remember and some things I just don't want to forget. He'll get married one day and I'll wanna give a funny speech about how adorable he was as a baby.....

Day 0 (March 20th) Ryder was born! We spent the day in our post labour room, staring at our new son, just loving him to death!!

He had his first bath that night in the little nursery...he didn't enjoy it as much as he does now.

Day 1: It was my birthday and though we spent the first half of it in the hospital, it was still the best birthday of my life. Marty brought me chocolate cupcakes, flowers and a card. :)

That afternoon, we took him home forever!! :)

We called all our loved ones and I settled into the routine of being topless most of the day!

Ryder got his first flowers from his aunties and his Grandma J.

Marty spent hours with Ryder on his chest. Father and son, bonding. :)

Day 2: The public health nurse popped by. She didn't even call first, she just showed up. She had come to weigh Ryder and check on our breast feeding progress.

Day 3: The Doula came by to talk to Ryder about his birthday. We had an amazing evening, reliving the whole birth experience. Again, we are sooo happy that Leanne was a part of Ryder's big entrance into the world!!

Ryder also had his first bath at home this night...we used a bowl like they did at the hospital, but quickly realized, our little plastic whale tub was way better for bathing than the dog's big water dish....

Day 4: This was Ryder's first doc. appt where he got weighed and checked out by the docs at the maternity clinic. They were running 2 hours behind, so I got to try breast feeding in public too...ok, they actually had a special room for nursing mothers, thank god! I wasn't quite ready to do that in public yet...

Another epic event happened on day 4...that was the first day I got peed on by my little boy. I had no idea that was gonna be the first of many, many, many "peed on incidents!"

Day 5: Ryder met his Auntie Dic and Grandma J for the first time!! It was so special to be able to show off my little boy!

Day 6: Ryder met his Grandpa Jim, his Grandma Trish and their dog Angel.

Day 9: Grandma T and I took Ryder to our Family Doctor, so he could meet her for the first time. She confirmed that yes, he is a healthy, healthy little boy who has indeed gained back his birth weight!
First time, my boob leaked right through my shirt!! I had always heard this could happen, but didn't really think it would. I laughed out loud!

Day 12: I could button up my pre pregnancy jeans!! (Notice I said I COULD button them up, that doesn't necessarily mean I could comfortably wear them...)

Day 13: I woke up to Marty making fun of me for drooling in bed. I didn't tell him this, but I knew from the size of the puddle, that it wasn't drool. Apparently my boob had been leaking milk all night!!!
Ryder puked on me for the first time. I was holding him over my shoulder and he spewed milk all over, just missing Scout who was innocently lying by my feet. I figured she'd lap up the mess, but not even Scout would touch that sour old breast milk!!
We took Ryder to the mall for the first time and then to Costco!
This was also Marty's birthday. We went with Marty's Dad and Trish to the Keg for dinner to celebrate, Ryder's first restaurant dinner. I was extremely anxious about having to breastfeed in public, but I did it and I'm glad, now I know I can!!!

Day 15: Circumcision Day!! I've already written about that one and since that day, I've been getting peed on hourly!! Lucky for me!

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Country Girl said...

You guys are going to be amazing parents! Ryder is lucky to have you both. I love seeing Marty with Ryder - it warms my heart.