Monday, April 4, 2011


Today was a big day for our little man. Ryder is 15 days old and today, he got circumcised!
Along time ago, before Ryder was even born, Marty and I had a talk. I decided that if we had a boy, the decision to circumcise would be up to him. This to me, would be a boy's decision and I would be supportive no matter what Marty decided....except that once he decided to indeed get little Ryder circumcised, I found it hard to be fully supportive. I was super anxious for little Ryder and my heart broke when I thought about how much he was probably gonna cry. Marty was confident in the decision, so even when we got the info package on how to prepare our little man for surgery he wouldn't change his mind, though had it been up to me, I would have. Here are the instructions, tell me, how a new mom is supposed to read this and not feel sick:

-feed baby 1 hour prior to appointment
-30 minutes prior t the appointment:
-apply as much EMLA (topical anaesthetic) cream as possible to the shaft of the penis, but not the testicles (just swirl it around and around like a soft ice cream cone) ummm, what??? Like an ice cream cone???
-Then lightly wrap with plastic wrap, leaving the tip open so the baby can pee
-give the baby 0.5ml of infant Tylenol
-bring receiving blanket, at least 6 diapers, wipes and Alberta Health card
-Expect to be at the office for 1.5 hours, most parents stay with baby for the procedure.
Ryder, unsuspecting.....

I wanted NO part of this process. Marty assured me that he would handle it. He would do the prep and he would sit in the doc office with Ryder. I would be in the waiting room ready to nurse him after the ordeal...that was Plan A. Here is what really happened:

Marty needed me to hold his legs while he swirled Ryder's penis in cream. He needed me to rip the saran wrap and fit it over the cream.
Ryder, wearing nothing but his diaper, ready for his big moment.

At the doc office, I had to go into the room with Marty and Ryder and I had to listen to the whole thing, though, Marty is the one who sat with Ryder, touching him, talking to him, supervising the surgery. I sat on the couch, where I couldn't see, ready to cuddle and feed my baby when the time came.
First it was freezing time. Ryder didn't cry at all for that. When the doc left the room to give the freezing some time to set in, I fed Ryder a little bit. His hands were tied to his body with a sheet the nurses had put on him.
He fussed a little during the ordeal (it took less than 5 mins) and ate happily for 7 minutes after until the freezing started to wear off and he began to howl! Poor little man! He had no idea why he was so uncomfortable and my heart was breaking!!
I plan to spend the rest of this Monday cuddling my little guy.

Dad, with his little man.


Country Girl said...

Tough mom!

MaryM said...

The adventure of parenting has begun! Sounds like you two are a real team and I am so proud of both of you. Hope Ryder heals quickly and soon forgets his little surgery.
Love you,