Thursday, December 2, 2010

The guys in the green latex suits in this video clip are not the guys who sat behind Marty and I at the hockey game lastnight, but the guy who did, was dressed just like them....well after the fist period he was.
Marty and I were given amazing seats to the Calgary Flames game lastnight. Neither one of us are big Flames fans, but Marty is a huge Canucks fan and the Flames were playing them lastnight. A family at school has season's tickets to the Flames and they couldn't use the tickets lastnight, so they offered them to Marty and I. The seats were in the 4th row behind the goalie!! They gave us tickets one other time this year and damn, hockey sure is way more fun to watch that close up!!!!!!!!! Marty and I have gone to lots of games, but the tickets we get are in the very top rows of the Saddle Dome. We watch most of the game on the Jumbotron, but lastnight, we were almost as close as you can get!! I could see the string of spit the goalie horked out of his mouth after each period! There were a couple of fights, which are awesome to watch from that close and one big injury that left a huge pool of blood on the ice. I was close enough to see that pool of blood, close enough that the sight of it made me gag!!! They actually came out with shovels and scraped the blood off the ice! EWWW!!!
Behind us, in row 5 or 6 was a loud, skinny, obnoxious guy. He had a big voice that he could really project and he wasn't afraid to heckle the players. He was a Canuks fan, so he was not in good company in the Season's Tickets section. To be fair, there are a lot of Canuks fans in Calgary so he was not alone in the stadium in his loyalties, however he was one of the most annoying Canuks fans I could hear. It was like he had memorized everyone's salary on the Flames and his favorite thing to yell was something like, " Hey Kessler, (or any other flames player) why don't you earn that 1.5 mill (or whatever he had read their salary to be.) He didn't just yell this stupid line once or twice, he hollered it everytime a Flame touched the puck! He was rude and loud and no one was impressed, until the second period. He came back to his seat after the break with a beer, dressed head to toe in a one piece green latex suit. Apparently, the guys in the video clip, made the green onesie kinda famous, something Canucks fans do and this guy, had one! Suddenly, he went from being the obnoxious, irritating Canucks fan, to the Ultimate, superfan, the one people, including those dressed in Flames jersys, asked to have their pictures taken with! He continued to be loud, cracking his stupid salary heckles the entire game, but the green get up, made him tolerable, funny even!!!
The hockey game itself was great, for the Canuks fans, they beat Calgary by 5 goals, but the Green Suit guy was the real entertainment!!!
Here's to people brave enough to wear latex onesies in public!!!

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