Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So, according to my pregnancy book I have reached the point where I need to invest in new undies….duh, it's not like I need a book to tell me that my own gaunch is getting tight! Infact, I have already purchased more than one pair in a bigger size! I didn't put much thought into the new undies beyond the, "I am getting cheap ones, cause I don't plan to wear these for long," thoughts, but according to the book there are more choices than the ones I considered....no not the choice, of undies that go "up the butt crack" or those that cover it, I long ago made my preference on that decision.....apparently I coulld have been considering the choice of undies that go “over” the belly or undies that stay “under” the belly. What?? Undies that go over??? Ummmm, is that even an actual choice??? Grossss! There is no way, I am going to stretch the waist band of any size of gaunch over my baby bump!! I think I'll stick to my "up the crack" "under the belly" undies....they're the ones I find comfy and so far, no complaints from my butt or my belly!