Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have officially entered the third trimester. Here is what my favorite pregnancy book, "The Pregnancy Countdown Book," has to say about that:

"The third trimester ultimately serves one purpose: To make you so uncomfortable, so over it, so tired, so bitchy, so achy, so itchy, so freakishly huge, that you will do anything to get that baby out of you, including pushing it out of a place where a tampon once felt gigantic. This is Mother Nature's way of inspiring you at the end of your pregnancy..."

Ummm....maybe Marty should read this, so that he knows that the "tired, bitchy, itchy, achy, freakishly huge" stuff is NORMAL!!!!!

Max and I comparing "bellies." His belly may be way cuter but at least I don't have as much drool on my chin as he does, he he!


Nicole said...

a license to be itchy, bitchy, achy, and huge to boot?! lucky gal.

Country Girl said...