Thursday, December 30, 2010


We were sooo lucky to all be together for Christmas this year. Aimee and Shane and little Max, braved the sub zero temperatures to spend the best day of the year with us!!
Christmas Eve day we all left our own homes in our own cities to join Mom, Tucker, Nic, Troy and Duke in Ardrossan. By 5pm there were 7 adults, one 9 month old, one "minime on the way" and three dogs happily sharing laughs in Mom's kitchen! We dont' all get to be together at the same time very often, so the next few days were precious!
Mom was an amazing host, feeding us, entertaining us, cleaning up after us and giving us all comfy places to sleep. Nic and Troy also got to be hosts one day at their house near a golf course. They took us sledding, fed us a delicious steak dinner and served us home made ice cream cake!! Aim and Shane shared little Max and his flirtatious wink and cheek to cheek grin with us and Marty and I just took it all in, loving every minute of family time!
I have posted my favorite pics of the 4 days we spent together, makin' memories!

The happiest Grandma!!!

Auntie Dic and Max

Sooo happy to just hang together!

Christmas Eve Pyjamas-new ones!!! :)

The stockings were for everyone-both 2 legged and four legged creatures. No one gets left out at Mom's House!!!

New Bomber jacket!! Adorable!!

Mom and me in my new tuque, thanks, Aim!

Sooo fun having a "little one" around for Christmas!

Fun, new Christmas socks!

The boys and their silly, new Tees!

Merry Christmas to the animals too!!!!

Life is good when you get pulled around the block in your sleigh!!!

Time together!!!!

The Farns

The Coles

The Wrights

Okay, there are sooo many more favorites, but they'll have to wait until the next blog post...I gotta go get something productive done today.......


Country Girl said...

What a special time of year for you!!! Have a fabulous time tonight!

Nicole said...

already fun to look back :)

Aimee said...

We had so much fun, and miss everyone already!