Saturday, January 1, 2011


Scout stinks! She really, really stinks. I guess it's cause we are not the kind of people who bath her weekly, or even monthly...Scout is a "tom boy" she plays hard and does disgusting boy stuff, like eat horse poop and roll in dead carcasses. She goes to "the farm" with me a few days a week, so I see no point in bathing her all the time. I guess I never really notice her stench, but Marty does. He complains that he can't stand to pet her because it makes his hands smell. He'd bath her all the time if it was up to him. I hate the idea of bathing her in the house, in the tub I use to get clean in. At mom's, we just bath our pets OUTSIDE with a hose and that is what I prefer. It is winter here, and we don't have outside hot water like mom, so our options are limited. Marty discovered a place just a few minutes from our house that is a car wash and dog wash! Today, New Years Day, we took Scout for a New Years bath.
The place scared her, once we finally got her to go up the ramp, she sat in the tub, shaking and shaking, looking pathetic.

The sink, very scary.........

The Yellow Aprons that are provided to keep humans dry.

Getting soaped up. Scout is miserable....

For a dollar you can rent a towel, and keep your own for human hair only!!!

Yep, that is all the hair that came off Scout....the best part is that we got to leave it all there in someone else's tub!!!


Country Girl said...

Awesome! You know, you could have dog towels and human towels. My old towels get moved into the dog towel pile. And yes, hair in the tub... *shudder*

BobbieNoSocks said...

Nothing like that dog hair in the drain. Great post.