Monday, November 29, 2010


I felt like I was reading some kind of report card when I came across the comment, "smile developing." Had it been a report card, I would have smiled myself, but this was not a report card at all, this was Dirt Face's dental report. And, from the size of the bill, I guessed that, "smile developing" was NOT a good thing!
Turns out, poor, Dirt was missing a tooth. Tooth, number 202 to be exact. Tooth 202, for those of you unfamiliar with horses' teeth, is a tooth in the front of the mouth! I didn't even know he was missing it!! When the vet called at lunch, to ask if he could go ahead and fix Dirt's issues, he started by saying,
"So, you know, he's missing that one tooth, right?" Before I even answered I was filled with guilt,
"yeah," I answered, hoping my tone of voice hid the fact that I really had ZERO knowledge of his missing tooth! I felt like a horrible owner. My horse had a missing front tooth! I bridled him at least three times a week and I had NO idea he was a tooth short!! What kind of treatment was he gonna need? Do they give horses a retainer with a fake tooth attached? Do horses get dentures? Did he need something to fill that hole in his mouth?
The vet put my mind to ease by assuring me that he can still eat properly. His jaw will get out of alignment more easily, so I'll have to stay on top of that.
Dirt got a medium strength tranquilizer and his jaw realigned, I got bill left for me at the barn and the budget for porcelain veneers got to be saved, just in case, for Marty and mini me's hockey future...LOL

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Country Girl said...

Ugh! That's no fun. Poor Dirt, not even an old man and headed for the mash...