Sunday, November 21, 2010


We made our first big baby purchase the other day! I found a stroller on Kijiji and I loved it! I definately want a chariot eventually so that I can use it as a jogger and attach it to my bike, but in the beginning and for trips to the mall and grocery store and walks, I figure I'll want something smaller. When I first started looking at strollers, I had no idea what I really wanted. Then I saw it, a Bugaboo Cameleon. OMG! That was the cadillac of strollers and it was priced, even on Kijiji at over 800 bucks!!! I had never thought I'd be the kind of girl that would want or need a high end stroller, but I couldnt' get enough of these Bugaboos. There were other models, besides, the cameleon. The Frog, the Bumblebee, each one offering a little something different. The frog was the original, the base model and the other day, I found one on Kijiji for $300! It had all of the accessories, including the UV parasol, the rain cover, the sun shade, the bassinet, the toddler seat, the diaper bag, the maintenance box and the instructional video. The Frog is actually being discontinued this year, but I know that new, it is still valued at over $600!
Marty and I met the seller in a parking lot in the snow. She pulled the whole thing out of the trunk of her Honda Civic and set it all up, showing us how each piece fit on before we even had time to freeze. I offered her under $300 and we drove away with our "brand new to us" Bugaboo stroller!!!!!!
I was sooo excited when we got home, that I insisted Marty help me put the basinet in it so that it will be all ready for when Mini Me comes home! :)

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