Thursday, November 25, 2010


It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas:
Snow? Check!
Cold? Check!
Christmas lights on the roof? Check!!
Yep, second house on the street to have our lights up!! Marty did them all by himself before I even got home from work! I drove up to the house and the glow of red, blue, green and yellow lights brought a huge grin to my face! I love Christmas lights!!! I love the icicles, people put up that hang down in strands, giving their homes a white glow, I like the all blue lights best when they lightly glow beneath a blanket of snow, but I love the good old fashioned, red, blue, yellow and green light bulbs that sit neatly on the edge of the roof. I love them!!!
This is the first year, we've had a real house together to put lights on and we both stood in the middle of the street, when Marty was done hanging them, to take in the glow of the approaching holiday season!!!!!!!!
Only a few more days until December first, my official decorating day! Yipeeeeeeee!

1 comment:

Country Girl said...

Ahhhh.... all the snarky things I could say.... lol

This is your season - and I know you love it...

I can't wait to hear about what Christmas threw up in your NEW house...