Sunday, September 5, 2010


Okay, it is 2010 and as far as I know there is still no perfect system for organizing tupperware! I can't believe we send people to the moon, we use cell phones to contact people all over the world and yet we have no way to store tupperware that doesn't involve toppling towers of plastic and missing lids!
Marty actually admitted today, after watching me restack the tupperware containers that toppled off the shelf when I reached in to grab a piece, that he would rather eat all the food on the table, leaving no leftovers than go into the tupperware cupboard! It's true, I thought, going into that cupboard only leads to frustration. We have the containers, stacked and the lids lined up beside them. The lids however, slide all over the place when you take a container and if you don't catch them in time, they all end up falling off the shelf, taking every container down with them! I've tried several methods of organizing things. I've placed lids, according to size in baskets, I've tried keeping the lids on the containers and stacking the bunch of them, I've tried having rows and rows of like container sizes stacked together, but nothing has proven to be the magical answer! Today, the method we go with is stack everything, line up the lids, close the door and hope the other guy is the one that has to get the next container!


Country Girl said...

I have heard rumors of a shelving contraption with specific slots and spaces for Tupperware. Truth or Fiction I'd sure give my left arm to find one!

The Canadian said...

Ha ha! Me too, they can have my left arm if I can have one of those contraptions you speak of!!!