Thursday, September 23, 2010


We went camping with Nic and Troy just after we found out we were expecting. I really wanted to tell them, though, Marty was against telling anyone until the official 12 weeks were up. Marty doesn't have sisters, so he doesn't understand how there are some things you just gotta share with them! I was excited that we'd get to tell them in person, so I cam up with a plan. We hadn't seen them since returning from our amazing honeymoon in Greece, so we still had a little souvenir for them. I wrapped the souvenir and put a card on top that read:

To: Auntie Dic and Uncle Farn,

Here is a little something from Naxos, Greece.

Love, Ryder or Payton Wright

I knew they'd figure it out right away as Marty and I have had our kids named for years.

I presented them with their gift at the fire, just as everyone was pouring the first drink. Nic and Troy sat in their lawn chairs, read the card and paused....finally Nic hollers, "Does this mean your pregnant????" We screamed and a few tears may have made their way down my cheeks, before we hugged!! It was sooo exciting to share the news in person!

A week after telling Nic and Troy, we headed up to Edmonton. Marty had to work up there for a couple of days and I thought I'd tag along so I could visit Nic and Mom. We planned to have dinner with Mom one night and that's when we thought we'd tell Mom she was gonna get to be a Grandma again. I wanted to tell her in a fun, clever way, but we couldn't think of anything. Finally I came up with the idea of digging out some of our old toys. I knew there was a fisher price circus set and some farm pieces that I could locate in Mom's basement. I brought them upstairs and dumped them on her bed, dust bunnies and all! I wrote a little poem on a piece of paper, just so she'd definately get the message, and placed the note under the fisher price baby, then Marty and I waited for Mom to come home. I figured she go upstairs to change clothes, she'd see the toys on the bed, ask, "What's with the toys?" then Marty and I would just stare at her until she figured it out. Seemed fool proof....NOT!!
Mom did come home and headed straight upstairs to change out of her dress clothes. Marty and I follwed her, is that creepy?? He he! She did notice the toys and a smile broke out on her face. "Where did you dig up all of these?? Oooo, maybe we can set them up for Max. I forgot all about these toys, oh, they are soo adorable. Max will love them, won't he?" Max is my nephew and to date, Mom's only Grandchild, and she just kept going on and on about how much he would one day love these toys. Finally I asked her if she had seen every little piece, every little fisher price person? I rubbed my hand over the baby sitting in the rocking horse on top of my little note. Finally, with a little more persuading than I had imagined she'd need, she picked up the note, read it and squealed with excitement when she got to the part about her becoming a Grandma again!!! We hugged, we cried tears of joy and enjoyed another moment I have been waiting for all of my life!!!!

Our old Fisher Price Circus set and few playground people

I set them up in a big circle on the end of Mom's bed.

We are all soooo happy!!!!!

So, my boobs are huge! Marty mentioned it lastnight and my girlfriend mentioned it today. I can feel it when I walk, when I put on my bra and when I press my hands against them, just to make sure they are still sore. Ofcorse "huge" is a relative term, I am pretty sure I am still a "B" cup, just a very full one. It is actually kind of fun, having bigger boobs. I have great cleavage, even I enjoy staring at it!
Up to this point, I have not been sick at all! yay! By sick, I mean, I have not thrown up. I do quite often feel like I could throw up, but then to ease the feeling I just put something in my tummy and that seems to quiet the uneasy feeling. I've been ridiculously tired too, which is frustrating to me as I am not used to feeling like I need naps or just need to slow down! I am so greatful that this first trimester has been over summer holidays. I have huge respect for those who have struggled through this tiredness while working full time! Hopefully this lack of energy will subside by the time school starts.
I am sooo excited about everything! Only three weeks to go until we are in the "safer" zone! I can't wait to share my news with all my friends!

Here it is 8pm and I am done, exhausted, can't get off the couch! It's been this way for a while and though I find it frustrating, I hate being useless, I am glad....because it means I am still pregnant! Yipeee! I just keep worrying that it is too good to be true. Only one more week to go until things are safer and I can tell people!
It's pretty early for me to actually look pregnant, and when I wake up in the morning, I sure don't but by 8pm, my belly is bloated, hard and sticking out. I get gassy,(worse than normal,) uncomfortable and feel like doing nothing but laying down. I have been embracing the couch time though, and Marty has been enjoying the more relaxed, Jeanne. Today, it took me all day to clean the house. I had to stop once to eat, easily taking down an entire sleeve of saltine crackers, once to nap, just for 15 mins, once to go to Totem with Marty, they server free popcorn there, yum, and again to rest....
Here's to being unproductive, if it means your finally pregnant!!! Yipeeeeeeeeee!

Today I officially made it through the first trimester successfully! It is week 12 and I still have a fetus inside of me! Again, this seems like a dream! I have seriously waited my whole life for this!! I have looked forward to this moment for what feels like forever!
I have also been looking forward to enjoying a whole, entire cinnabon, with an extra tub of cream cheese icing for what feels like forever.
Every time I go to the mall, I stop at Starbucks and order my skinny vanilla latte while breathing in the irrisistable aroma of the fresh bakes cinnamon buns at the Cinnabon across the mall foyer. I always walk by the Cinnabon without indulging because, while the buns look and smell like heaven, I know that the calories would be hell on my ass. I've shared a bun or two with carefree girlfriends, who don't have to worry about their asses carrying a few extra pounds, but I've never just sat and eaten a whole one, guilt free. I decided a long time ago, long before I got pregnant, that when I made it through the first trimester, I would buy a fresh baked, extra large cinnamon bun with extra icing and eat the WHOLE thing! Today, I did just that!!!! I bought it, got it to go and got as far as my truck in the mall parking lot. I just had to have one little bite. I'd save the rest for breakfast, since it was 8:30pm. I tore off a little piece, licked my fingers clean...then tore off another piece. I still had just over half of it left when I got home. Just one more bite before I put it in the fridge. This time I opened the tub of extra icing, and dipped my bite into it...ummmmmm yummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! The cinnamon bun never did make it to the fridge and every single calorie definately made it to my ass.....but here's the best part, I dont' care! I don't need to care because I am pregnant and I'm gonna get fat anyway! I am going to embrace this new eating freedom!!! Don't worry I am not going to be ridiculous and eat a lot of crap food, but every now and then I am going to eat stuff I normally would pass by and I am not going to feel guilty about it!!!
Remind me about this after the baby is born and I am complaining about loosing the baby weight! LOL!!! For now, I'm gonna live in the now! :)


We went to Kelowna last weekend for a wedding. I had the honor of being CO-MC with the bride's cousin of the wedding. The wedding itself was in Penticton, BC, but Marty's Dad and his wife, Trish, live in Kelowna, just half an hour away so we took an extra day off to hang with them and tell them the baby news before the wedding.
Our friend, Heather came for the 7 hour road trip with us. She had met Jim and Trish at our wedding and they were happy to have her stay and visit too. Marty and I let Heather in on our little secret and she was excited to get to be a part of the excitement. I had called ahead to the local Dairy Queen to order a cake. I had them decorate it with a baby and a stork and write the words: Congratulations Grandma a
nd Grandpa on it. We had planned to pick it up and show up at Marty's folks' place with the yummy, surprise dessert, but we were
running late and there was no way we were gonna make it to the Dairy Queen by 10pm so we had to go with Plan B.
Marty called his Dad, told him it was Heather's birthday and that we had a surprise cake for her. Marty asked him to pick up the
cake and keep it covered until we got there. We had called the DQ and asked them to put something over the cake as it was supposed to be a surprise.
Just after 10, we arrived in Kelowna. Trish met us at the door with hugs and kisses and a big birthday card for Heather! Trish started immediately pouring champagne, to celebrate the birthday. I pushed my glass aside and insisted that the cake be brought out before any toasts were made. Marty brought the cake up from the basement freezer. Trish pulled the cover off and looked confused when she saw the baby. After the shock wore off, she started screaming and crying and kissing my tummy!!! Her excitement was off the charts! She just kept singing, "I'm gonna be a Grandma! I'm gonna be a Grandma!" Jim sat quietly looking proud as could be!! We all went to bed that night, excited and looking forward to everything!

The kids at school today, guessed my secret...they guessed that I am pregnant! The staff already knew, but I hadn't told the kids yet. It was the last class of the day, grade 6. The girls were whispering and giggling. They said they needed to ask me a question, but they'd wait until later....weird, but I went with it. Eventually, they couldn't wait anymore, and one of them whispered in my ear, "Mme W, are you pregnant??" She stepped away from my ear giggling and squealing with anticipation. I must have blushed. I know I got all flustered and instinctively looked down at my tiny protuding tummy. I was wearin a purple dress with a black belt, but I guess it just didn't hide my secret. They said when i turned to the side, they could see my "baby bump." I had to admit that yes I was. They screamed and jumped up and down. They were sooo excited! Hugs went all around and even the boys were asking if I would bring the baby to school when it was born. I told the class that they were the first to know my big secret and that they could tell others. The bell rang and they stampeded out the door. It was the last class of the day and the halls were buzzing with students. By 3:05, the news had been spread and my classroom was filled with girls hugging me and giggling like crazy. It surprised me, how much fun it was sharing my news with my students, but the hugs and squeals were genuine and contagious!!! Some of the older girls were choked that I wouldn't be able to go on the French Trip to Quebec with them in May, which, in a weird kind of way, actually made me feel loved! :) Some of them mentioned that they also thought I was pregnant last week, but were afraid to say anything, incase I was just getting fat....LOL!

Well...I am not absent yet...I still have 6 more months of teaching before this baby is due. In my student's eyes though, you'd think I was already gone.
The bus supervisor came in from supervision yesterday afternoon, and told me that half the grade 8 girls were crying that I was pregnant because they want me to go on the French Trip to Quebec with them in May.
They were so upset that today, they started a petition! Yeah, a petition to go to Quebec earlier in the year, so that I can go!!! One of the girls came to me after school and told me that she had already planned that she would sit next to me on the plane cause she hates flying and I was the only one she wanted to sit with.....
I gotta admit that I am flattered and I think their actions are sweet! I am sure the petition won't make a difference, it will be damn cold in Quebec in Jan or Feb...besides, I already tried that angle and the principal wouldn't let it fly!

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