Monday, September 20, 2010


Pinch me! It just doesn't seem real, but after several home tests, things have been confirmed.....I am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, it just doesn't seem real! It is now just over 13 weeks into the pregnancy and it still seems too good to be true!
That's right, 13 weeks in, only like 187 more days to go!!! I have waited this long to tell everyone because Marty insisted that we wait until we made it through the first trimester to tell, but now we've made it and now, I can shout if rome the rooftops!! Telling people has been my favorite part so far! We've laughed, cried, hugged, danced and screamed our excitement with those closest to us! Having so much family so far away makes it hard to share live hugs but screams of joy through the phone are a fun replacement!!
I have been keeping a bit of a pregnancy journal over the last few weeks, and now that the news is out, I can post my entries! Thanks for sharing my journey with me! :)

Me, MCing my girlfriend's wedding last weekend....13 weeks preggo!

Me and the cutest "Dad to be" ever!!!


Nicole said...

Sooooooooooooooooooo excited for you guys!!! And for me that wrong?! I am already auntie nic to max (or i will be when he can talk), I am auntie icoco to my neice on troy's side and now i will also get to be auntie DIC!! Cannot wait!! And you are the only one within easy driving distance. Hope you don't get sick of me ;)
love you,

Sharla said...

wow - great to hear the news all the way over here in China. Can't wait to see some belly pics - those are the funnest part!! congrats johnny!

Aimee said...

So happy you can finally announce the amazing news! You were born to me a mom! I can't wait for Max to have a cousin :)