Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sunday, I had this hankerin' for cinnamon raisin toast. I have a bread machine and a delicious recipe for just that, so I happily poured the ingredients, in order, into my bread machine, hit the buttons and patiently waited the 3.5 hours for my fresh loaf of bread. About the time I was taking it out of the machine, Nic and Troy showed up. They were gonna crash at our house for the night before heading to visit some other friends in Calgary on Monday. Between Nic, Troy and I we picked a good chunk of that fresh loaf apart, letting ourselves enjoy the unbeatable taste of fresh baked, home made bread!!! For breakfast the next day, we, Marty included this time, polished off the bread, by turning each slice into toast, watching the butter melt into the little cracks! Yummmy! While everyone ate, I began mixing the ingredients to make another loaf thinkin' how good it would be to have cinnamon raisin toast every morning for breakfast before school. (I only had time to wolf down one piece before the first loaf was demolished!) When the second loaf was done, I dumped it out of the loaf pan, placed it on a cooling rack drooling over the idea of homemade toast every morning for the next week. I went downstairs to the basement to watch a movie with Marty while the rain poured outside. After the movie I came upstairs to discover that Scout had eaten the entire loaf! The entire thing, leaving only crumbs and the very smallest piece of crust!!!! Like she had pulled it off the counter and feasted while I lay innocently cuddled in my husband's arms downstairs!!! Grrrr! I was disgusted and furious!!!
2 loaves of bread, only one slice for me! Yeeesh!!! No toast for me Tuesday morning! I did stop at the little conveniance store by our house to grab some raisins on my way home, as I had used the last of them on my second loaf. The store/gas station is one of those amazing little places that carries enough inventory to stock a Superstore, but in an eighth of the space! I knew there's be raisins there, but they were not easy to locate! I finally found a bag and brought them to the front. I guess raisins aren't a big seller as the computer didn't even "recognize the item." I showed the clerk where I had found them. He took all three of the bags that were there to the till, again, the computer wouldn't recognize them. Finally he just looked at me and asked how much I wanted to pay for them! Sweet! It was like "pick your price!" I happily took my raisins home and immediately mixed together my third batch of bread in just as many days. Though just before the "add ingredients" beeper went off, Marty suggested putting in diced apples instead to make cinnamon apple bread. The idea was just interesting enough to make me wonder if that would work. He volunteered to dice up the apples and as we write this the add ingredient button is beeping at him....I will keep ya posted and I will keep this bread out of Scout's reach!!!

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Nicole said...

you and your bread inspired me! today I bought a 'never used' bread maker off kijiji (the very make and model that you have!) so I can make my very own cinnamon raisin bread. I will, however, keep my eye on Duke during the cooling process.......... ;)