Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I went to put some music on my ipod today. Normally Marty does this for me, but I needed some French music for school and last time Marty helped me get French music from ITunes it was a disaster!
I love having music as a part of my class, but most of the stuff I have is from my days of teaching Grade one and while I always get the kids singing one of those fun "kiddie" French songs at the end of each class, I wanted something a little "cooler" for them to listen too. Marty offered to help me find some "cool" French music for me to play in class. Everyone knows my patience is limited, so after about 5 minutes of watching him search ITunes for French music, I left him to the task. By morning, there was a CD titled "Helmut Fritz" on the counter by my lunch bag. Excited, I took it to school, popped it into the CD player (without previewing it) and hit play. The first song began with a man and woman talking English with thick French accents. The woman began by asking something like,
"Ooo, have you seen that new hot guy?"
"No. Who?"
"Helmut Fritz."
"Helmut Fritz?"
"Yeah, Helmut Fritz?"
"Who the fuck is Helmut Fritz?" Ahhhhhh! A swear, loud and plain as day blasting from my stereo in school to the amusement of the grade 7's! I was horrified, but laughed it off and prayed no kid went home to "tell on me." Ok, so it was not Marty's fault, exactly, but I decided to play it safe tonight, and download my own choice of French tunes.
I located my ipod, under the front seat of my truck, opened my laptop and realized, duh, you need a special cord to plug the ipod into the computer to put music on it. Uh, a special cord? Where the hell would I have put that?? Ofcorse, I have no clue where my special ipod cord is, but I know, Marty, the guy who has every box every appliance, pair of shoes and helmet he owns has come in, would know exactly where his special ipod cord was. He did. I found it in his desk drawer, right where he said it would be and guess what? It still, after 3 years, has those little plastic protector caps on each end of it!!!! What?? I don't know where my cord is at all, but I can guarentee, the plastic end caps are definately not still on it!!!
Just out of curiosity, how many of you still have cords with plastic protector caps on the ends??

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