Sunday, February 14, 2010


Marty and I are caught up in Olympic fever!! We have the TV on all the time, the energy and excitement of the Olympics filling our living room.
Friday, the day after we sat, drinking Bacardi, watching the awesome Opening Ceremonies, we decided we should go to Vancouver. We don't have tickets to any events, we have no real plan, we just want to go, be a part of the excitement! I have a February Break that lasts until Thursday, so we are going!!!! We found flights for 200 bucks!! We can't drive there for less than that, though we did toss around the idea of road tripping it.
Yesterday, we went to the Bay, the official outfitters of the Canadian Olympic Team and purchased our super fan wear. We got mitts, yep, the awesome red ones all Canadians, including Wayne Gretzky, who wore them to light the flame, are wearing. We got tuques and sweaters. We are ready to cheer on our athletes even if we never get close enough to see any of them! Just being there, in Vancouver, will be awesome!
We may not actually get to see any events from official seating, but I can guarantee we'll be sitting in a pub in downtown Vancouver, wearing bright red jerseys, Tuesday night, cheering on the men's hockey team!!! We'll be cheering with familiar faces as Marty's cousins live in there. We'll be staying with them in Vancouver for the Olympics and we are leaving tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's hoping you are feeling the excitement wherever you are and here's hoping you are filled with pride for your Country's olympians!!!!!!!!!

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Nicole said...

love your spirit!!!! wish i could have gone with... will watch for you and your red mitts on tv :)