Friday, February 26, 2010


You know what's funny? I am sitting here in the affluent community I teach in, notice I said "teach in" not live in, gathered with a bunch of parents, around a tiny, snowy TV screen in the school's foyer. We are all here because there is a basketball tournament happening in the gym and for one reason or another we had to be. Where we all want to be is near a big screen TV with a bacardi in our hand for this, the Canada, Slovakia semi final hockey game. Instead, we are standing around the trolley that holds the small TV, taking turns wiggling the bunny ears. I giggle because I know all of these parents could be at home watching this game in their own Theater Rooms, on their giant plasma or flat screens, but because they love their basketball playing kids and because they love Canada, they are happy as hell to squint at this tiny snowy screen and cheer on our team!!! So here we stand, the picture fluttering in and out, basketballs bouncing in the background, cheering for Canada!!!
Eh Oh Canada Go!!!!!

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