Sunday, February 21, 2010


I've waited in lines that I thought were long before, by choice, because the "prize" at the end of the line was worth it to me. I've waited in line at Tim Horton's for over 15minutes before because I love double doubles. I've waited for over 20 minutes for Starbucks before because a Skinny Vanilla Latte is worth 20 minutes. I've waited in lines to get into movies, I've waited in lines to wash my car and I've waited in lines get through customs at airports. I have never, however, gotten up ridiculously early (like before the sun) to wait in line for something millions of other people are waiting for as well. I am just not that person. I've known people who've set their alarms so that they could be first in line for a popular movie (remember when the Titanic came out? How about Avatar?) I've known people who've slept in line ups to ensure tickets to a concert and I heard of people doing the same thing for H1Ni1 flu shots. Not me though. I just don't have the patience. Infact, I think 20 minutes in line for a latte is about as long as I could ever wait.
I have definately dropped out of several line ups in my day. I've dropped out of lines at the bank, at Walmart, at the ski hill and at the blood work lab. I simply abandon my place in line, justifying to myself that life is too short to spend it in line.
I gotta admit though, that in a way, I admire those who want something bad enough, who are passionate enough about something that they consider the wait time worth the hours of their lives they are spending there.
In Vancouver, at the Olympics, there is this zip line that carries fans right over downtown Vancouver, right overtop of all the action. The zip liners scream with excitement as they fly overhead, taking in a bird's eye view of the Olympic games. It does look pretty fun and would absolutly be a cool experience. Marty and I, checked it out...well, we investigated the line up. We approached some volunteers who informed us that if we were to get in line right then and there, we'd be looking at a 6 hour wait! What??? She said the line up begins at 6am though they don't even start taking "riders" until 9am! Woah!! We had way too much to see in our three short days there, that we had to settle for seeing things from "human's eye view" instead.
There were 2 lines to get into the Royal Canadian Mint too. This was where fans could go and check out how Canadian money is made, you could see a gold brick, a million dollar coin and the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The line to see the medals and all the other cool stuff was three hours long. The other line, allowed you to see everything but the medals, and it was only a 15 minute wait. Guess which line Marty and I waited in? yep, the short one!!!
How about you? What's the longest you've ever waited in a line?

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