Saturday, February 27, 2010


By the time Marty realized how involved of a process it would be to make his own fish n' chips from scratch it was late and he was hungry, so rather than pay the $11.99 at our favorite pub for the giant greasy, portion of delicious "English Style Fish n' Chips" he decided we should just buy a box of frozen Fish n' Chips à la Captain Highliner at Superstore.
We scanned the rows and rows of freezers at Superstore and did not see one box of Fish n' Chips. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty boxes of frozen battered fish, just none that included the "n' chips." I was baffled. I specifically remember as a kid, dumping the entire box of Fish n' Chips onto a cookie sheet and throwing it in the oven, 30 minutes later, both Fish AND chips would come out golden brown dripping with tasty grease, begging to be dipped in tartar sauce and ketchup. Apparently the days of n'chips, are over. No more n'chips, at least not at Superstore. So begins the days of buying n'chips seperately.......

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