Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am writing to you as the new, Mrs. Wright or Mme Dooble-Vay, as my kids are trying to remember to call me (dooble-vay, is French for W.) We tied the knot, December 30th at our beautiful beach resort in the Akumal, Mexico.
I have been sitting here typing and erasing, trying to put into words all the details and things to tell about the day. There is nothing I can write that does it justice. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect!!!

Thanks, Nic, for being persistant enough to secure this coveted location for us!

Aim and Nic made beautiful bridesmaids.

Adam and Nathan were Marty's
sexy groomsmen.

Check out the backdrop. Can
you say Paradise???




Nicole said...

I can say 'Paradise'!! I can also say 'Beautiful'! Congratulations you guys. Sooo happy you are happy :).

Rachel's Family said...

You, your dress, the back drop, the bridesmaids, the sun...everything GORGEOUS! did I spell that right, Mrs. Write? :-) so sorry to miss the warmth, the fun, the party...y'all are the best!

Country Girl said...

Awesome!! I am sooooo happy for you! It also just occurred to me if you ever went a new career direction you could call your company "The Wright Stuff". *heh*

MaryM said...

Congratulations and Best Wishes for happiness through and through!It looked absolutely beautiful and you, yourself, were gorgeous! Looks like you really found the Wright guy!
We send our LOVE!
Phil and Mary Margaret