Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ah, lazy Sunday. It's not often that I have lazy Sundays. I am usually too focused on soaking up every second of a day off to laze around doing nothing, but today, today I felt lazy. Marty and I are still in recovery mode from the hype of our awesome wedding week, so we figured we'd just sleep in and laze around today. Someone forgot to tell Scout our plan....she is not a fan at all of Lazy Sundays! She was up at 6am, ready to play! When I couldnt' take her horrible breath on my eyelids anymore, I got up, brought her downstairs, filled her bowl with kibble, put the baby gate up at the bottom of the stairs and headed back to bed, back to my plan of sleeping in!! We managed to squeeze in a couple more hours of sleep before Scout's whining at the bottom of the stairs became impossible to ignore. Begrudgingly, I got up, pulled on my sweats, hooked the long cable to Scout's collar and let her outside. Since we live in a condo with no yard of our own, we have rigged a cable up to our deck, so that Scout can hang out in the greenspace while safely attached to our porch. I headed back upstairs to the bathroom, where I turned the fan on and relaxed for a while. When I emerged from the"can" I walked into the bedroom and looked out the window, to check on Scout. What I saw freaked me out! There laying in the yard, was the cable and the collar, but NO DOG!!! OMG, I panicked! My mind raced with all possiblities..Scout could be in the street, she could have taken off down the paths that wind thier way behind our house, she could have seen a bunny and taken off to who knows where....certainly, she was gone! I bolted down the stairs to the back door, and there, sitting with her nose pressed against the window, was Scout. "Mom, my collar broke" she seemed to say. I flung open the door, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her all over! Thank God she hadn't gone anywhere!!!!
We did haul our butts off the lazy day couch and took Scout to the dog park this afternoon. Here are a couple pics. I am soooo glad Scout didn't end up MIA!!

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