Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The other night I was so tired when I finally hit the sac. Before dozing off I turned to tell my husband goodnight and that I loved him, but it came out exactly like this: "Goodnight, I love you, sweet dreams." He giggled . I knew exactly why he was giggling and it wasn't because he thought that what I had said was cheezy, though we all know it is.
He was giggling because he has heard the story about how my sisters and I used to say this to each other, to our parents, to our horses, dogs, cats and every other living thing at our farm before bed when we were little. We said this little phrase everynight and the words came from our innocent, childish hearts, but we also said it as our own way of procrastinating bed time.
I can still see Nic and I kneeling on the bed, our heads pressed against the window. We'd stare into the farmyard and said in unison, "Goodnight, Jake, we love you sweet dreams, Goodnight, Missy, we love you sweet dreams, Goodnight, Cinnamon, we love you sweet dreams, Goodnight, Bandit, we love you sweet dreams, Goodnight, DQ, we love you sweet dreams..." the list would go on forever, each Goodnight followed by a softly blown kiss in the direction of the barn. This is a happy, happy memory for me and it makes me grin to think that when I am really tired, my subconcsious defaults to such a comfortable happy place!
Goodnight friends, I love you, sweet dreams!


MaryM said...

Good night, I love you, sweet dreams!

Nicole said...

i have also said this to troy before! too funny. it's like this programmed response that all comes out as one long word.
i also remember that the only reason i was in your room in the first place was because you forced me to sleep there because you were scared of the dark. joke was on you though because you got over it and then you couldn't get rid of me.... haha!