Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have not thought much about pop tarts in my adult life, but today, it took a great deal of self talk to stop myself from snatching one out of the hands of a 4th grader! Just seeing that kid casually munching on his toasted strawberry snack, brought back several happy childhood memories.
Pop tarts were not just a sugary breakfast treat for us, pop tarts were an experience. We had a whole system, one we believed we invented, for eating and enjoying pop tarts. I shared this system with the grade 4's. They were not nearly as excited as I was about it. One girl did offer to bring me a "smore" pop tart tomorrow though. A smore pop tart? Ewww! The best part about the pop tart is the sweet jam and the icing on the top, who wants one that tastes like roasted marshmellows for breakfast???
We'd carefully tear the edges off all the way around the pop tart, this part was kind of like removing the crust off of a slice of bread.'/] Next we'd slide the bottom off the icing covered top. Sliding was essential, for if you were to get cocky and lift the bottom off, you'd only break it in a bunch of annoying pieces. Sliding the top off, all in one piece gave us the same satisfaction normal people get from removing the bottom of an oreo cookie all in one piece! We'd lick the jam off the top first before popping the entire icing covered pastry in our mouths, yummmm!!!

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