Monday, November 30, 2009


We are one month from our big day!!! Marty has survived his stag and I can happily report, after Saturday night, that I have survived mine! Maria and her Sister, Julia, were the best "stand in sisters" a girl could have. My own sisters are out of the country, and these two were the next best thing!!! :)I will let the pictures tell the story...

We started at Zia's wine bar, where we had a professional
wine tasting.
They thought ofeverything, including a hat to make sure the bride (me) could be identified

Party favors!!! Inside each box were my favs, jelly bellies, mini eggs and beads!!!

Maria, Andrea (my awesome D.D,) and me!
After the Wine Bar, we headed to my favorite dancing spot, Ranchmans!

Sour Puss, guarentees a good time!!
That's me and my mother in law to be!! She flew in from Kelowna to surprse me.....I was surprised!!
Group photo! Maria planned for all of us to wear black tops, jeans and beads, sooo fun! We all look alike, ooo, except me! I'm the one with the hat, he he!

Adorable hat!
The coozy says, "I'm the bride, that's why!"

Me, bride to be!!! I had so much fun! Thanks, Maria and Julia, for planning such a perfect party! Thanks, Andrea for coming from so far away to make sure I got around safely and thanks to all the ladies for dancing the night away with me!!!!


Nicole said...

Looks like good times had by all!! Wish I could have helped celebrate, can't wait to make it up to you when I get home! Won't be long now :)

MaryM said...

What a great bachelorette party! and a lovely wedding just around the corner... Enjoy it all!