Thursday, December 10, 2009


In the staff room the other day, a bunch of us got to talking about decorating our homes for Christmas. Most of the ladies explained that their husband's jobs and interest, when it comes to decorating, stop at hauling boxes up from the basement. Some explained that they had 2 trees. A tree for the family, a gigantic one in the living room, decorated carefully and methodically with fancy white lights and special ornaments. Another, smaller Christmas tree would be set up in the rec room. This rec room tree is the one the kids were allowed to decorate. I sat quietly counting my blessings, for I grew up with a Mom who didn't feel the need to have two trees. A mom who proudly hung every ornament we ever made for her, on our family tree and still has most of them to this day! A mom who let us help decorate and never once worried about the tree looking Martha Stewart perfect! I also have a fiancee who may not admit to loving the decorating process, definately loves the egg nog and Bacardi that I insist we sip while decorating. One who loves his home made ornaments, the ones he created out of mini bottles of Bacardi and insists on hanging on the tiny tree he owned before I met him! One who hangs lights like Clark Grizzwald and one who burns Christmas CDs for me!
While I love the idea of the classy white lights, the perfectly decorated tree and a home decorated for the holidays with a common theme or color scheme, it's just not my style. I admire those homes for sure, it's just that I don't see the fun in all that "order" and thought. My decorating style is definately caotic and random. Our condo has been adorned with a mixture of country stars and balls, homemade stockings, white lights, colored lights, liquor bottles sporting red bows, red wooden beads, green garlands and snowmen with cowboy hats. Some might call it tacky, we call it festive the Wright Way!!! :)

Santa's little helper

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Nicole said...

can't wait to witness the Wright Way in all its glory this weekend! as per tradition, i'm sure i can also count on some kenny and dolly christmas?!!