Sunday, December 13, 2009


It is cold here, really, really cold! Too cold to be frolicking in the dog park, but our condo and our sanity can only be stuck inside with a 16 month old boxer cross puppy for so long, before we all GOTTA GET OUT!!!!!
Today, the cold snap, showed no signs of letting up, so we decided we had to suck it up! Marty and I dug out our warm gear, mine included sweat pants under a giant pair of fleece lined jeans, a long sleeved shirt, a hoodie, mitts and this awesome ski mask of Dad's that I had found in mom's basement. Marty wore his snow pants with nothing under them except his skivvies, is that even warm??? His winter coat, a ski mask and his tuque and mitts. Even Scout sported a hand me down jacket from Jasper.
We drove down to the dog park, knowing that if we walked down there as we normally do, we'd have been frozen by the time we got there. Scout hurdled herself out of the vehicle and bounced through the park looking for another semi frozen pup to play with. Amazingly there were a few other humans on the brink of loosing their minds who had brought their puppies out to burn off some energy. I gotta admit, it was us humans who got cold first and had to put an end to the play date. Freezing for those forty minutes was worth it though, as now i can type this without Scout shoving tug toys in my lap, for she is exhausted sleeping peacefully at my feet. Yay!!

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Seeker said...

Next stop: Mexico. Does Scout get to go?