Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Yesterday, Maria and I went to the mall (only maniacs go to the mall after Dec.20th.) We went to the Mac Makeup store. I was determined to get a professional show me how to apply beach wedding appropriate make up. Maria was there to take notes, draw diagrams and commit to memory the process as a guarantee of recreation when the big day arrives (8 more days!!!!)

We got to the mall early, before it got too busy and were lucky enough to get to Mac just before it got super busy. We got seated at the mirrors right away and a happy, beautiful girl with the plumpest lips, I have ever seen began schooling us on the most effective way to create an "I just wake up this beautiful," natural look. She used brushes to paint a masterpiece on my face, stopping only to answer my questions and to let Maria's drawing catch up.

I left the store a few hundred, yep that's right a FEW hundred dollars poorer (turns out looking naturally beautiful aint cheap,) but happy and confident with my look. Maria had some more shopping to do. She ducked into change rooms in nearly every store we passed but I couldn't just sit on the stools provided for supportive friends waiting for fashion shows. No, I had to park myself in front of the full length mirrors. I couldn't stop staring at the paint job on my face. I pulled my hair back, I pulled it on top of my head, I pulled half of it up, I tucked some behind my ears, I put ear rings in, I took them out, I tried every variation of "Jeanne's face" I could manage right there, in the very public mirrors. A new face was as good as a new hair cut, one you love so much you can't stop playing with it. I was having a grand old time, fussing with my "look" until a well dressed, perfectly coiffed sales man's voice broke my trance, "you just color your hair or something? Looks good." Ahhhh, I was busted. He totally caught me checking myself out...embaressing!!!!