Monday, September 7, 2009


This is not a retriever, it's Jasper.  Scout found a great playmate in Aimee and Shane's dog, he could almost keep up with her, almost....
Just got back from the dog park, where Scout invented a new game: Rolling Retrievers! Anyone who has met Scout, knows that she has a an abundance of energy!  She plays hard, sleeps hard and eats hard, if you can't keep up, you better get out of her way!!  That is what the dogs down at the park are learning. Either, you chase her in a million high speed circles, you get up on your hind feet and attempt to box with her, or you get rolled!!!  We must have met three golden retrievers today, ranging in age from 6 months to 2.5 years and though all three displayed valliant attempts at playing with Scout, they were no match.  Each one of them in turn found themselves rolling down one hill or another after being accidently knocked to the ground, by an exuberant Scout, who then licked them to death! Her tongue worked with such force that it literally gave each dog just enough of a push that he or she found themselves tumbling down slopes, Scout excitedly chasing after them! While it can be intimidating, hers is the kind of energy that scoops all, within a hundred foot radius, into a giant frenzy of happy excitement! I wish I could bottle that enthusiasm up and drink it each day before heading into my classroom, or better yet, I wish I could feed it to every kid in my classroom.  I would way rather have them racing around in crazy puppy circles than sitting, lifeless and tired in their desks!  Not that there is any sitting unaffected in my classroom! Anyone who knows me, knows that I too, have an energy all my own.  It starts with my "loud talking" and doesn't end until all of my students, from the 9 year olds to the 14 year olds are standing singing "Vive la Vie" en francais, with actions ofcorse! :)
Tomorrow, I have to go back to work and Scout will go back to the park.  We'll both pack our energy and see who we can intoxicate!!!
Vive la vie!

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