Thursday, September 10, 2009


Scout ate my two hundred dollar running shoes today!!!! I shrugged off the Walmart flip flops she destroyed this summer, I chalked the missing toe on my Merrels up to her being a brand new puppy last fall, but this, the two hundred dollar shoes, this cannot be ignored....but I guess it has to be. Marty texted me this morning, when he discovered the "accident" but there was nothing I could do from my classroom but shake my head.  By the time I got home, Marty had obviously cleaned up the crime scene, well kind of.  Weird how boys clean things up.  I got home and saw what was left of my two hundred dollar Asics!!!  The tops of the toes were chewed out of them, the laces were strung out across the floor and bits and pieces of plastic and rubber were scattered near by.  Okay, so maybe Marty hadn't actually cleaned up the crime scene at all...weird. I would have.  Who leaves a gory murder scene, even a shoe murder scene all day for the Victim to see, in detail, when she gets home from a long day at work?????? Oh yeah, her fiance, ofcorse!
Anyway, standing in the middle of the now 8 hour old crime scene was the criminal herself.  Her whole body shook with excitement when she saw, her tongue started licking the air with kisses for me, her best buddy!  All of this love made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to be mad at her, impossible!  Instead, I decided to be mad at Marty.  That's how my night went....think I'll go eat some nutella....

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