Sunday, September 13, 2009


I spent almost 5 hours, Saturday at Spruce Meadows, Calgary's premier horse jumping facility during, The Masters, Calgary's world class horse jumping event, and didn't even see one horse jump one fence, not one!!  See mom and I wondered into the Equifair, before heading over to the jumping arena and, well, never left! We got swept up in the excitement that is horse people selling horse stuff to other horse people.  We laughed at silly T-shirts with sayings like "silly cowboy, trucks are for girls," we slid large silver and turquoise bangles and rings over our apendages, we watched Sahm-Wow demos, stared as one lady squirted ketchup on white breeks, and watched in amazement as she demonstrated the technology inside the fabric of those english riding pants that allowed her to just spray the red tomatoey stain off with water.  We tasted food from around the world, enjoyed countless free candies, displayed at almost every booth, tried on everything from boots, to scarves to raincoats and we pet every breed of horse imaginable, but we did not see one single horse jump one single fence.  We spent time in bathrooms, changerooms, alleyways and barns, but not one minute in the stands at the jumping arena.  We spent money to park, money to eat, money on clothes and other great horsey "must haves" but not one dime on a "Spruce Meadows Masters" souvenir.  We had a great time together all over Calgary's premier horse park, except in the spectator stands.  Why did we spend 5 hours at Spruce Meadows during an elite jumping event and not watch any jumping? Because we were having too much fun to notice we were missing anything!!! For all we knew, there was nothing else going on in the park! Thanks mom for an awesome weekend!!

Check out the adorable English riding breeks and tops we got!! Yes please!!!

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Nicole said...

It's mom, she's a shopping maniac! love the outfits :)