Wednesday, January 7, 2009


You know how when you try something new with your “look,” new hair color, new boots, new something a little out of your box, you are a little self conscious about how others will receive your little attempt to reinvent yourself? I have been feeling that way lately. See, I have been experimenting with darkening my eyebrows, partly to match my dark hair color and partly because I love dark eyebrows. I have gone to the salon and had my eyebrows dyed professionally in the past, but, in an attempt to save money I have been plucking my brows myself and then using black eye shadow and an eyebrow brush to darken them. I actually quite like the effect I am able to create, however, I have learned that others don’t always appreciate the “art” I make out of my face. While I am not particularlly concerned about the approval of others, I am not interested in looking like a clown… and I do have a track record of looking like a clown. Yep, for a long time, I was the girl that wore too much foundation, so much in fact that I had a line under my chin that divided the creamy color of the makeup from the color of the skin on my neck. I was the girl that lined my eyes with streaks that extended past my actual eye (I still really like that look, clown like or not) and I am the girl that lines my lips with a pencil darker than the shade of my lip gloss. Anyway after examining the photos from Christmas, I have decided that the dark eye brows not only compliment my hair but also make me look much more awake and expressive. I have continued to darken my brows myself and have sported this look on a regular basis since Christmas, including New Years and to work. No one has said anything at all, no aknowledgement has been made, good or bad. I take this as a good sign, and have been wearing the eyebrows with confidence. At least I did until I came to work. Kids have this way of being bluntly honest. While it can be refreshing, it can also be shocking. To be fair, no kid has actually mentioned my eyebrows directly, however, we have only been back at School for three days now and already two kids have made random eyebrow comments to me. One student told me about how when they were selling cookies over the break as a fundraiser, a lady answered her door with eyebrows that looked like they were painted on….interesting. Another student told me about how her cousin recently over waxed her eyebrows and had big red sore spots where the hair, that made them look normal was…hmmmmm. I can’t help but wonder if this sudden influx of eyebrow discussion has been spurred by students noticing mine or if it is just random…..