Sunday, January 11, 2009

PLAN B....again!

Marty and I have date night every week. Sometimes we get dressed up and go out to eat, sometimes we go to a movie or an event in the city and sometimes we just stay home, drink wine and cuddle on the couch. Friday night we dressed up and headed to a fancy restaurant on 17th ave. The restaurant is a Bacardi account so when we eat there, we get treated very well. Friday night we were served some very special Bacardi cocktails and a delicious bottle of French red wine....the evening turned out to be a lot of fun, the kind of fun that resulted in headaches for both Marty and I Saturday morning. :) We were slow to get moving, but decided to "shake" our headaches and head out to Sunshine Village in Banff to do some snowbaording! It was a beautiful, sunny, blue sky day and we couldn't wait to hit the slopes. Unfortunately, only kilometers from the hill, we came to a complete hault behind all of the other skiiers and boarders who had decided to take int he beautiful day. The line up just to get to the parking lot was over half an hour long so Marty and I decided to ditch the boarding idea and go with Plan B! We drove back to Calgary, grabbed Scout, grabbed the kite boarding stuff and headed to Spray Lakes. Spray Lake is a giant lake just outside of Canmore. It is a fantastic kiteboarding spot because the wind always blows there!!! Scout and I spent the afternoon running across the lake, watching Marty perfect his kitebaording skills! We had an amazing day in the snow and sunshine! Here's hopin Plan B's are always this good!!!

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