Monday, July 2, 2012


School is OUT!! Summer vacation is here!!! Although I was absolutely exhausted after the last week of shool and completely unorganized, we went camping anyway! We loaded up our trailer (still not totally cleaned out from our camping trip last weekend,) and headed to meet Nic and Troy in the bush, out west.  

"Destination Drink." Beer for Dad, H20 for RJ.

 Playin' trucks on the lawn chair. Mommy didn't really want to sit anyway, did she?
We arrived with enough time for Ryder to play before dinner and bed.  The weather was beautiful, the mosquitos were huge and hungry and the company was fun. It was gonna be a great weekend!!!
Except..Ryder was on a bit of a sleep strike. We've already camped twice this season and Ryder has slept like a champ for both of his naps and all night, however this time around, he was not gonna miss a thing!!!

 Refusing to sleep, gets him a few extra cuddles.  He's all wrapped up in his blankies, snuggling with Auntie.

 All snuggled up for bed, admiring the river with Uncle "Toys."
Last year, when we camped with Ryder, he'd fall asleep in our arms around the fire, but this year, he's too excited to want to sleep in our arms.  I can see that we are going to have to come up with a better "sleep" plan for him before we do much more camping.....

Ryder did finally go to sleep and he woke up good and early too.
Breakfast with Uncle "Toys" by the river. Is there a better Diner out there?

 Our beautiful baby girl!!



 Auntie Dic, made me my very own lawn chair! It is my favorite and so is watermelon!!

 My beautiful baby sis.

 Ryder, believe it or not is actually better at "ladder ball" than Nic. LOL

 Here he is giving her some pointers to improve her game.

 Marty got his new Yeti bike the day before we left for camping. He brought it and all the tools along. Building a bike in the mountains is a lot better than building in the garage.

 The boys workin'....

 Ryder helpin'

 Hikin' with Auntie

 Dancin' with Auntie

 Me and my Scout!

 Movin' pinecones.

 Finally HOT weather! Good thing Troy has plenty of hydration to share.

 The weekend involved a lot of RELAXATION! Just what we all needed to kick off summer!


 "Morning camping hair"

 Check out the drool. Yep, it's dripping down Troy's fingers!

 Sunday was Canada Day! Nic and Troy brought the "spirit" to the bush!

 Canada Day bike ride. Marty's first ride on his NEW Yeti!

 While the boys rode, Ryder, Nic and I chilled out!

 The boys came home muddy and happy and ready to cuddle.

 Thanks for the Canada Cuteness Auntie!

 Happy Canada Day!!

 While we loved all the Canada Day spirit, it turns out,Scout did not!! For the first time in 4 years, Scout was petrified with fear over fireworks! A lot of the campers sharing the wilderness with us, had packed in fireworks. Every night, they set some off and every night, Scout began trembling uncontrollably, hyperventilating and looking to hide. I felt soo bad for her. Hard to explain to a dog, that she is safe.

 Canada Day corn!

 The Farns on Canada Day

Yep, another night of cuddles when he should be in bed!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings, and make some s'mores today!


Country Girl said...

1) Hair looks cute!
2) Nic's chair for Ryder is freak'n AWESOME!!!! Amazing that she can make stuff like that!
3) Great weekend!
4) Everybody looks great!

Nicole said...

Makin' memories Johny!! So great to make some more with the little guy. We love him to bits :). Hoping that there are many more camping adventures in our future, Dic.

Andrea- you are sweet, but the chair was super easy, I promise!

saramsay said...

Looks like so much fun!!!