Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Vacay, week 1

My first week of summer holidays is over!! Man, it goes by fast!!! I have loved every second of being home with Ryder all day, every day!!We've been out to see Uncle Dirt, we've been camping, we've been hiking, we've eaten at a free Stampede Breakfast, we had a BBQ, we had company overnight and we've played in the sunshine (finally!!) It was a great week!! This week, we "stampeded!!!"

 Ryder would feed Dirt every treat in the container if I let him! Adorable!!

 Exhausted companions sleeping after camping.
 Wagon Rides!!! 

 Snack Break on our hike out at Heart Creek

 Apparently, Scout needs to rest on the blanket too...LOL

 Sleeping on the way home after the big hike.
 We had a HUGE hail storm. Ryder kept wanting to go outside and stand in it!!

 Helping to clean out the bowl
 Waiting in line at Stampede Pancake Breakfast with Daddy

 We want pancakes!!!

Best to enjoy a messy breakfast with no shirt on, right? LOL