Sunday, June 24, 2012


Went camping over the weekend. We went with some friends from our Birth and Babies class.  This was our second camping adventure with this same family and we have yet to have a perfectly sunny weekend.  The constant threat of rain and the looming clouds did not stop us from making happy

 memories!  This video showcases one of those memories! Between the two campsites, there was this giant puddle. All weekend we'd done a great job of keeping the kids out of it, until Saturday night. We were cooking dinner and hanging out at Ally and Adil's campsite. Ofcorse we made several trips back and forth AROUND this puddle grabbing things from our site and carrying them to theirs. On one of my trips to our trailer, I didn't realize Ryder was following me. No one else realized it either, until I came out of our trailer just intime to see Ryder wading into the puddle in his shoes!  Ofcorse we all thought it was pretty funny! We took several pictures, then someone (an adult ofcorse) said how funny it would be if he just kept going through the puddle until he fell. This idea (after a few beers) seemed hilarious to us and before Ryder knew what was happening everyone was convincing him to walk right through the puddle he'd been forbidden from all day!! This time, the cameras were rolling....Forgive us Ryder for this laugh at your expense. Trust me, it was done with LOVE!!!

 The Beach. Yep, lake camping is different than mountain camping. Even when it is cloudy and rainy, it is warm enough to play in the water!!

 This boat was sooo much fun!

 Supervising from the ICE cold water, was the Dads' job! :)


 Scout had some testing done that required her to get stitches. No swimming for her and yes, she did have to wear the cone  most of the time. Boooo!

 Since we were closer to Mom's house for this adventure, she made the drive out so she could snuggle with her little cutie!!

 Ryder fell asleep in the stroller on the way home from the beach!

 He is big into putting sunglasses on. He needed help with these, but you can see how much he loves them!

 The boys had sooo much fun hangin' together!

Ryder loves playing with trucks. He has never been the kid who rolls them on the ground. He likes to pick them up and put them on benches. He prefers to stand and play, I guess. :)

 Gramma brought this one. Thanks, Gramma!!

 Enjoying some cone free time!!

 Helping Mom make cowboy coffee!

 Dad built this rocking horse for Aim, Nic and I a LONG time ago. He took the rocking horse Mom and her brother used to ride an even LONGER time ago, made a pattern out of it and built a replica for us. Mom brought it to my house one day and now Ryder is loving it as much as we once did!! Original paint job and all!! It is one of the only "ride on" toys he owns that he can get on and off by himself and make it go without us pushing hime (that's why we brought it camping) Both boys LOVED the horse so much, we finally put them both on it together!

These are the kinds of adventures summer is all about!!! Here's to plenty more and hopefully a few of 'em will be in full on sunshine!!! :)

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Nicole said...

Camping adventures are the best! Way to embrace the weather. Makin' memories...