Thursday, July 5, 2012


Tomorrow is the first day of the 10 day celebration of the 100th Calgary Stampede. It is an exciting day for our city. What I love about Stampede is that pretty much everyone (with the exception of a poor sported few) participate in some way or another in the "greatest show on earth!" Everyone downtown trades in their suits for jeans and boots. People in every business from the malls to the doctors' offices are sporting western wear and most have bales of hay outside the doors to their work place. There is a spirit of partying and celebration that takes over our city!  I am excited to do some "Stampeding" of my own over the next ten days, however, tomorrow will be a day of mixed emotions. Excited for Stampede to begin but scared for our little Scout. 

See, tomorrow, Scout begins her cancer treatment.

A couple of weeks ago, we discovered Scout had a lump on her front left leg.  After a biopsy confirmed it, we learned it is a spindle cell tumor. Cancer. 
The good news, and yes, I am relieved to be able to say there is good news, is that the cancer is localized to this one tumor. The other piece of good news is that the BEST animal oncology doctors work in OUR city at the Western Vet Clinic and the very best news is that this tumor does not have to be life ending!!  The bad news is that treatment is very expensive. I feel sooo blessed that we have the means (thanks to Marty's "bonus") to be able to provide this treatment for our dog. If it were not for Marty's bonus, I am not sure we'd be making the same decisions we are able to make today.  In the future, I would absolutely get pet insurance. If we had insurance, there would be NO decisions to make!!

When people look at us like we are crazy to spend this kind of money (hell, sometimes we've thought we were crazy too,) all we all have to do is look at Ryder with Scout and the decision is easy. We are NOT ready to say good-bye to his BFF yet! NOT YET!!!!

Scout goes to the Western Vet Clinic tomorrow to get her CT scan where they will get digital images of every single cancerous cell.  Next week, Tues, Wed and Thurs, she will go back for radiation on those specific cells. This is all supposedly painless and not as traumatic as it sounds. This will save her life!! 
This is not a picture of Scout, but this is a picture of what she will look like tomorrow as they attempt to completely immobilize her.  Poor, Scout! I know she'll be in good hands, but I can't help but worry for her!!!
 While Scout is undergoing life saving treatment, Ryder and I will be watching the Stampede parade (most likely from our living room on the TV where there are no crowds.)  Who knows, we may even find ourselves a free pancake breakfast (there are tonnes of these throughout the city for the whole 10 days!!)
The radio station and one of the pet stores is hosting a contest to dress your pet "country." Your supposed to take a picture of your pet, send it in to the contest and wait to see if you win.  I couldn't help, but jump at the chance to get a pic of my favorite pet dressed "country."  Marty REFUSED to be a part of this little project. He was too embarrassed for, Scout. Even Ryder kept trying to pull the shirt off of her. He seemed upset by the whole idea of Scout wearing clothes.

I did manage to wrangle Ryder into a couple of the pics. All I have to do is tell him to "hug Scout" and he eagerly snuggles right up.  I don't care how embarrassing this is for either of them. I think it is CUTE and they know I do this cause I love them!!! :)

Think we'll win????
 Ryder looks like he's tipping his hat to her, but really, he's just trying to remove it! Without Marty's help, I managed to get the hat on and snap the pic before it came all the way off! :)

 "Hey, Ryder, hug Scout!"

I love this dog. I LOVE THIS DOG!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings, and hug your dog if you've got one!!!