Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It has been rain, rainy, rainy here! I just keep waiting, "til the weather is better" to do anything, but I am beginning to realize that the weather, apparently is not getting any better.  I need to change my attitude! From now on, instead of waiting for sunshine, I am gonna embrace every day, sunny or not!! I will no longer let this depressing rainy weather, dictate my fun or my mood!!!

Last weekend, we went to some garage sales, (in the rain) and scored this awesome tool bench for 20 bucks!!

Almost a plumber butt here...almost. he he
 It came with a hard hat too! I can't believe how much Ryder looks like Bob the Builder in this pic!! LOL

 We went to Costco, Sunday, (in the rain) and we saw this giant stuffed bear. We didn't buy it, but it was definitely the biggest stuffie I have ever seen!!

 Monday, it was sunny....for a while, so after work, Ryder and I went to visit, Uncle Dirt. Ryder LOVES to sit up there in the saddle!

 Ryder spent as much time in the saddle as he did putting horse treats into his truck!

Tuesday, we had sun for a while too, so after work, Ryder and I bought 5 plants. We came home and even got them planted before it rained again. Ryder loved to work the watering can!

I know, I know, 5 plants? Only 5 plants? I have decided to start small. Just buying what I can immediately plant. Before I can plant anything else, I have a lot of weeding to do...a lot!!!!!!!

It seems crazy to be thinkin' about eating a crock pot full of chilli in June, but all this rain makes me crave comfort food. Instead of chili I settled for spagetti squash. It was still nice and hot, but not quite so heavy.  Ryder LOVES spagetti squash!!
Yep, meal times are still an experience! This is just an example of how "interesting" they can be...

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