Tuesday, March 13, 2012


March 8th, was Max's 2nd birthday! I cannot believe he is two already!!! Last year, I had to miss his first birthday party as I was super pregnant, like ready to pop! There was no way, I could fly to Colorado to celebrate with Aim and Shane, but this year, I was not gonna miss the party!! Mom came to Calgary so that we could fly out of the same city together.  It was nice having an extra set of hands ready to help with my own busy little almost one year old!  We arrived in Colorado on Thursday afternoon and spent the next 4 days loving two of the cutest cousins ever and soaking up sister/mother/daughter time!!

 Ryder "helped" Gramma at the airport!

Ready or not, Coles, here we come!!!!

We were sooo lucky to be able to fly in early enough to see Max enjoy his birthday cupcake! Yummmy!!

 The weather was fantastic!  We got to go to a park almost every day!

 Max was sooo good about sharing his sand toys. Ryder did a lot of watching, but by the end of the trip
he was "digging" too! 

 Ryder learned sooo much from his big cousin Max!!!
Ryder did his best to follow Max everywhere!!

Ryder didn't learn to ride a bike yet, but he sure loved watching Max show him how!!

It didn't take long before Ryder, was sliding all by himself!

 We spent one morning at the most amazing Bookstore! The kid section was awesome!!

 Ryder had tonnes of toys to choose from, but he mostly wanted to play with Jasper and the "chuck it!"

 Just hangin' in the sunshine with Auntie!

 Max had this amazing train table in his livingroom! Ryder preferred to destroy the track. He wasnt really "into" making the trains go round and round, but Max sure was! :)

 There was lots of times for Gramma cuddles and stories!

 My favorite night, was the one where the three of us "built" the birthday cake, Max would get to enjoy at his party!  Ofcorse, we sure missed Nic's expertise on the design, but we hope she's proud of what we managed to create on our own...Nic, you were missed big time!!!

Yep, it's Thomas!!
 The party was soo much fun! Great food, great family, great caos..
 ...oh and a great deal of blood!! Poor Ryder! He tripped and wacked his face on the train table!! 
This was his first split lip. The first time I saw blood come out of his face!
The first time we were both in tears together!!!  After a popsicle the swelling went down and he 
didn't even get a fat lip!!

 Ryder recovered in time to watch Max blow out his candles! 

 Elodie and Julie came to celebrate too! 

 Awwww! This melts my heart!! Seriously! How adorable is this? 

The "big" two year old!!! I love him!!

The almost one year old!! I love him too!!

Thanks, Aim, Shane and Max for makin' memories with us!! Here's hopin' your bathroom recovers and  your lives are back to normal!! Thanks, for making room for us and all our caos!!


Nicole said...

Looks like I missed lots of fun...again :(. You guys did a great job on the cake!

Aimee said...

We had so much fun! Miss you guys!