Monday, March 19, 2012


Yep, I am sitting here typing this while Ryder digs with his new shovel in the plant by the window (he is having way too much fun for me to stop him...wait, he's eating it...hang on....)
I am also sitting here with cold cabbage leaves stuffed in my bra! I know it's an old "Wive's Tale" but even the doctor today, suggested I try it before returning to see her.  While Ryder has recovered nicely from the weaning process (wait, the only one of us experiencing trauma and needing recovery is me.) I continue to experience physical discomfort, however, I am putting faith in the cabbage leaves. Legend has it that if you put cold cabbage leaves in your bra, everything will feel better...I will keep you posted.

UH OH, THE PLANT JUST WENT OVER!!!! Funny how "fun" usually turns into a mess...guess that's why I measure fun by the amount of mess to clean up when fun is done!! Love it!!!!!!!! :)

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Nicole said...

So....Did it work?