Monday, March 26, 2012


Yep, we threw a ridiculously huge party for Ryder's First Birthday and it was awesome!!!  It was my first time as a mom to plan a birthday party, it was Ryder's first birthday party and it was Marty's first BBQ gig as a Dad, so we were all pumped!  Lucky for us we had LOTS of help pulling off this huge event!! Marty's Dad and Trish came Thursday afternoon and Mom and Nic arrived later that night. We started baking cake at 9:30pm Thursday night and the preparing did not stop until 11am Saturday when the party began!! Nic and Mom make one hell of an amazing cake decorating team! Ryder is soo lucky that his Gramma and Auntie wanted to spoil him with a cake fit for a king!  Trish and I were the "grunts" doing the heavy lifting, furniture moving, cleaning, and the other things that did not involve the cake. We worked as a team all weekend and that was fun!!!
There is no way I can ever thank Mom and Nic enough for all they did to make this cake!!!!!!!!

Epic Cake!!

Party House!!

Mom did not stop working to make this day perfect!! Thank you, Mom!!

Nic! She is just an amazing party planner!!! She thinks of EVERYTHing!!!

Ryder and his Auntie, loving the balloons!!


Us, before, Ryder and I decided Marty should go put on a plaid shirt too!!!

Ooops, Party Foul!! Ryder stuck his foot in the cake.....

The Wright Boys!!!

The cake! Yep, Mom and Nic made him his own to smash!!

He was a little intimidated with everyone watching him, but...

Once he discovered he could eat the messy cake....

..he got right into it!! LOL

One of the party guests stole Mader off the top of Ryder's cake!! LOL

Uncle Hoser (Shane) hand made Ryder his very own bike!! 

Thank you, Hoser!!!!!!!!!!!


saramsay said...

Great Party!!!

Nicole said...

Thanks for hosting a fun party and letting us overstay our welcome as usual :)