Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today, I was reminded how magical winter can be. We spent the afternoon at Lake Louise in Banff National Park. It is just over an hour from our house, and we had some friends staying there, so we decided to meet them for lunch. We dined at the beautiful Chateau Lake Louise before heading into the beautiful snowfall to take in the ice sculptures.  This was the kind of snowfall they show in movies. The kind that romanticizes winter. This beautiful winter, we forget about when we are scraping our windshields, navigating icy roads, bundling up our children so they can barely move, chipping away at the water troughs and shoveling our walks. This was the kind of winter one needs to be reminded of more often!
It was cold enough that the ice sculptures were not in danger of melting, but it was warm enough for families to be out skating on the lake. It was warm enough for babies to be out in back packs and strollers. The snowflakes were big enough that we could catch them on our tongues and it was falling hard enough that it made us giddy enough to wanna twirl around with our arms wide spread like they do in the movies...It was an absolutely perfect snowfall and we got to share it with Ryder. This, Ryder, is what winter is!!!!

One day, I will actually ride in one of these horse drawn sleighs. 

Yes, Mom!! I am warm enough! Quit worrying.....

Ryder loved being in the pack. He could see and he was sooo happy! 

Ryder rode in the back pack and his little friend, rode in his stroller.

A great way to spend an afternoon!!!

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Nicole said...

Wow, those winter scenes made the winter look so fun! Here in edmonton it is just dirty. Hope I find some giant white flakes to catch on my tongue before the season passes :)