Friday, January 20, 2012

Ryder is 10 months old today!! TEN MONTHS OLD!!!  I have no idea where the time has gone!! Every day, Ryder gets more and more interactive which makes everything so much more fun!  He is very social, squealing with delight everytime he sees other kids, big or small.  Most little girls get this urge to hug him whenever he walks into a room. We were just at a birthday party where the 2 year old sister of the birthday boy walked right up to him and grabbed his cheeks. Last weekend in a play area, a little girl hugged him before trying to feed him a plastic hamburger and Wedensday, at the library another little girl, grabbed Ryder's hand and insisted on "walking" him up and down the isles.  Adorable!!!  
I take Ryder to the public library once a week for a Mother Goose Program. Last week we went for the first time since the Christmas Break. I noticed, seeing, Ryder next to his peers, that he is huge!! He is way bigger than all the other -10 month old babies. His size was more comprable to the 13-15 month olds.  Looks like he is gonna take after his Daddy! Yay!

Ryder is still experimenting with walking, but after a major face plant the first time he started taking steps on his own, he lost some of his confidence.  Just recently, he has started taking risks again and has started taking more independent steps.  He continues to cruise around the house using the bench, the chairs, the rubbermaid tubs and even Scout for support. He has mastered bending down to pick stuff up which always makes me laugh. He concentrates sooo hard and everything about his little determined face makes me grin.  His crawling is getting better, though he still prefers "finger walking" as his way of getting around.  He has figured out how much fun it is to pull tupperware out of the cupboards, all the plastic bags out of the holder, all the pot holders out of the drawers and all of the books off the shelves.  Just the other day, he figured out how to stand in his crib. I thought he was napping until I heard loud clunking noises. I raced upstairs to find him reaching over the crib into the book basket. He was able to pull books out of the basket and obviously thought it was so fun to drop the books onto the floor...I've had to move the basket and the table it was sitting on. Tonight he started trying to climb the stairs, scary and exciting!  Everyday he learns something new and I am sooo glad I've been able to witness every discovery. 

It's been crazy cold here, so the other day, I brought a portable heater upstairs, plugged it in to make the temperature in Ryder's room really warm. I then put on these cute overalls and had a little photo shoot. Marty can't believe his hair is this red. I mean, when you see Ryder in real life, his hair does not look this red. Either the lighting made it this red or maybe my editing..or maybe it is really more red than we think....


Nicole said...

Adorable! Love that little guy!

Country Girl said...

The outfit sooooo reminds me of the guy on Swamp People.... very redneck of you. lol