Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sharing the Ball

Ryder is getting more and more interactive all the time. I love watching him interact with other kids, but so far his opportunities are limited. He spends a lot of time interacting with his very patient, very kind, very fun BFF, Scout!!
Every morning, I bring a smiling, happy Ryder down the stairs straight to the laundry room, where we feed Scout. Her food is kept in a big red pail on the floor. I scoop out two scoops and Ryder giggles and kicks as the kibbles drop into the bowl making loud tinny sounds. Apparently, he has been doing more than giggling while I feed the dog, he has been paying careful attention to the process. He deomonstrated this last week, when he led me (I was finger walking him) to the dog food conainer, let go of my fingers, leaned on the bucket, pulled the lid off all by himself, scooped food out and promptly put it in his mouth! This was funny and kinda cute the first time (who hasn't tried dog food at least once in their childhood?) However, he has become obsessed! Everytime we walk, the laundry room is where he wants to go. The dog food container is what he wants to play with. The dog food is what he wants to keep sucking on. Actually, I am beginning to think it is all animal food. At the farm yesterday, he sat with the pail of horse treats between his legs, pulling them out one by one sure to lick each one. He got close enough to the grain tub at one point and began shoveling oats into his mouth fast as he could. I am beginning to think he needs to spend less time with animals and a little more with 2 legged friends. LOL


Unknown said...

What a good dog you have! And if it makes you feel better, Kathy was heavy into those multicolored dog treats. Only certain colors 'cause she had tasted them all. She even climbed up a pantry cupboard to get them on a high shelf! She was dog treat addicted.

Unknown said...

BTW, unknown seems to be me. It is signing me in via my work e-mail so must have some sort of security setting. So from now on, just call me unknown.

Unknown said...

LOL, guess it would help if I signed this:

Hedi aka unknown

The Canadian said...

Ha ha, Hedi, I knew it was you, the minute you said Kathy was a dog treat addict!! I guess there are worse things to be addicted to, eh?? LOL
Glad you can finally leave comments!!