Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I am now able to clean up the meal messes right after the meal, instead of waiting for nap time, thanks to Scout for teaching Ryder about secret leftovers. As soon as I take Ryder out of his highchair he pretty much "dive bombs" out of my arms. He, I figured out, wants to stand at his chair and search for leftover cheerios, broccoli, pasta, or sweetpotatoes. These are the things, Scout has taught, Ryder, that hide in the folds of the highchair. Seriously, this is how every meal ends and lucky for me this little "treasure hunt" usually lasts long enough for me to get all the dishes washed!! Yay, Scout!

The laundry basket was leftover after folding clothes. Ryder kept pulling it over on top of himself, eventually I just stuck him in it. Too cute!!

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