Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today was day 6 of the Caos that is supposed to be "Home Care."
Today our mission was to get out of the house!  We had to take Mom to the Clinic as she was supposed to have blood taken to make sure that all her levels were where they were supposed to be.  We made her appointment for 11:30am, so that Ryder could have his morning nap before we headed into town.  The fun began when Ryder woke up. I nursed him to top him up so that I wouldn't have to feed him while we were in town. I dressed him in his winter coat, mitts and shoes while mom managed to use her special shoe horn and got her own shoes on all by herself!  Getting into the car was a bit of an ordeal..but we got it figured out. Mom needed a plastic garbage bag on the passenger seat of the car so that she could easily slide into a comfortable position.  Her seat had to be pushed all the way back so that she wouldn't have to bend her legs too much which meant that Ryder's rear facing car seat had to be behind the drivers seat.  I buckled Ryder into his seat, hurried over to mom's side of the car, made sure she could get in, put her crutches in the back seat, closed her door, closed the back door then hurried back around to my side of the car, hopped in behind the wheel and headed for town. We arrived at the Medi Clinic in time for her appointment, but there was no where close to park. I pulled up to the doors of the clinic, got out of the driver's seat, went around to mom's side, opened her door, opened the back door, got her crutches out, handed them to her, closed the back door, closed the passenger side door once mom was out, got back in the driver's seat, parked the car, got out, opened the back door, pulled Ryder from his car seat, and closed his door so we could meet mom in the clinic. After she got her blood taken, and Ryder had flirted with the cutest twin girls in the waiting room, we walked back to the doors where I left mom and took Ryder to go get the car where we repeated the whole car sequence once again. We hit the bank, the fabric store and the grocery store, perfecting the car entering and exiting sequence with each stop.
Go ahead "time us," guarenteed you'd be surprised at how fast this gong show can get in and out of that clown car!

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Nicole said...

Wow, sounds like mega energy required! you are definitely the right person for the job...!