Sunday, November 6, 2011


Ryder got his first Halloween card from Gramma Mimi. He sat with it for about 5 seconds before he ate it..he eats everything these days. So, Gramma, he LIKES the way his card tastes! :)

We were lucky enough to have Nic come for a quick visit this weekend. She just wanted to come "love" her nephew and love him she did!! I came back from the park with Scout, to find the two of them asleep in the chair in Ryder's room!! Adorable! He hardly ever falls asleep in our arms anymore so this was such a precious moment!!

Yep, it has turned to winter out there...snow and everything!! Sure doesn't stop us from getting outside! We brought friends out to the Farm to visit Dirt Face a couple times last week. James showed up wearing the same outfit as Ryder...definitely a photo op!!!
Ryder is a walking machine these days, wanting to hold our fingers and walk everywhere...especially towards Scout. He is pretty sturdy on his feet. People keep telling me that he just might skip crawling all together...guess we'll see. He wanted to stand up on the fence at the farm, probably so he could "eat" it, but I snapped these pics while my girlfriend held him, before he bent down to chew on the boards.

Ryder is suffering with a cold right now. I can't believe that much snot can come out of such a small nose!!! He wakes up in the morning and both nostrils are caked over with green boogers! Ewww! I will never be mature enough not to be grossed out by that!!! Poor guy, his breathing is all gurgly and he keeps waking himself up.....I sure hope he starts feeling better soon. I hate to see him all uncomfortable like this!

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Nicole said...

thanks for loving me back ryder james :)