Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So, 7.5 months in and I had my first REAL rough day with Ryder. He is teething, he had diarrhea, he refused to sleep at his first nap (something that up until just recently has never rattled me), his nose was running constantly, he coughed all day and he, for the first time demonstrated that he is in the clingy stage, refusing to let anyone else, even Daddy, hold him!
I know I am sooo lucky to be able to stay home with Ryder all day, every day, but today, it was just too much togetherness for me!! The minute Marty walked in the door, I handed him his "bundle of joy," grabbed Scout, and headed for the door. We needed some girl time and a good walk, just the two of us!!! After an hour, we returned home, refreshed, rejuvinated and ready for a fresh start tomorrow!

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Country Girl said...

Sleep my friend. You need sleep!