Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I can't believe it, 39 weeks today!!!!! Finally the home stretch! I have 2 more days of work left and then....I wait for Minime to make an entrance!!
I read what "The Pregnancy Countdown" book had to say about week 39. Here are the tips the book provided for Week 39:

"If no one has told you about them, you'll be hapy to know that you only have to pack a few pairs of your own underwear for wearing home because you'll be outfitted in disposable mesh underwear while in the hospital. This is the strangest looking underwear in the history of underwer. It's like wearing a hairnet. But once you start gushing blood, you'll understand the need for disposble." Handy info, even if it is a little gross. I am proud to say my hospital bag currently holds three pairs of Zellers granny panties, ones I do not care if I ever bring back home with me. The other tidbit, that I read to Marty was this:

"How to decide about visitors. When your're in the hospital, your rule of thumb should be: Who will I not mind seeing em either (1) leaving a trail of blood on my way to the bathroom or (2) trying to get my baby to latch onto my swollen, leaky boob?" Okay, gross....but definatley something I am visitors until we are home please! LOL

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Nicole said...

remind me not to visit you in the hospital....