Saturday, June 12, 2010


So, it has been a month and a couple of days since my bike accident. I still cannot bear a lot of weight on my right arm, I still have a little trouble getting comfy at night and putting on shirts, doing hair, make up and heavy labour are still challenging, but things are getting easier! Yay!!! I have noticed that the right side of my torso continues to be sore, which seems weird since it has been 4 weeks already. The sorest spots are right above my waist where I picked my big scab and still have kind of a lump and right under my right boob. The second spot seems to be the sorest and it wasn't until just the other day that I figured out what it's a super ab! Yep, I think I have developed a "one pack."
See, for the last 4 weeks, whenever I'd sleep I 'd lie flat on my back on the couch in the living room. Every time I got up off the couch I'd pull myself upright and rotate my entire upper body from left to right, to heave myself off the edge of the couch. I'd do all of this, every time I got off the couch and I'd do it all without using my arms or hands. I have been relying simply on my core strength and apparently, a super ab to do all of this work!
Gym? Ha! Who needs a gym, all you gotta do to develop the ab under your boob, is roll outta bed without using your arms.
Though, I highly recommend getting out of bed on both sides to avoid creating a one pack. Afterall, you might as well get a 2 pack!!!

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